An important update regarding COVID-19 and Image360’s continuing operations



We are navigating unprecedented challenges in business. I want to assure you despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are continuing to work, keeping all projects moving forward through our production process.

We are continuing our production with a reduced on-site staff who are social-distancing and able to:

  • Receive and design artwork
  • Create sign renderings
  • Digitally perform site surveys
  • Create digital proofs for approval
  • Develop sign plans
  • Produce and fabricate signage
  • Installations based upon the project

This means we can and will continue to produce materials. Our vendor system also allows us to produce materials as needed across the country, so please be assured that if you are in need, we can make it happen.

I have full faith that our community will rebound and are fully committed to helping everyone restart once we weather this storm. In order to reduce the financial burden on you (or anyone you know, please pass this along), we will be offering substantial discounts for print/mail and signage materials that are produced to support a “Restart Grand Opening” as well as materials for events that were cancelled and rescheduled. Please reach out to us in order to determine what is needed as well as the discount amount (this is not listed because it will vary depending on the materials needed).

At Image360 and our sister company, Allegra Marketing Print Mail, we believe in our community. Just because we are all social distancing, this doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for the restart. As listed above, there are many steps that we can take in order to get out of the gates fast upon restarting. Please do not hesitate to reach out and have us help.

It’s our honor to serve you,

Bill Elder

COVID-19 emergency and continuing operations